Free e-book about cloud, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile available for free by Payara and

All companies are software companies, and businesses will always experience the challenge of keeping integrations between users and applications scalable, productive, fast, and of high quality. To combat this, cloud, microservices, and other modern solutions come up more and more in architectural decisions. Here is the question: Is Java prepared to deal with these diverse concepts in a corporate environment? 

The answer is yes.

In recent years, the Eclipse Foundation has been leading this challenge together with several companies and members of the community to make the Java world more updated and prepared to use microservices and cloud resources. Among these efforts, we can mention Jakarta EE, which is the new home of Java EE, whose new focus is on cloud-native in addition to the Eclipse MicroProfile, which is a platform optimized to deal with Microservices architectures.

To demonstrate how Jakarta EE and Eclipse Microprofile work very well in the cloud, the Payara team together with, wrote a free ebook. This ebook will cover the following topics:

    • Hello World with Payara Micro and

    • Payara Platform with JPA

    • Payara Platform with NoSQL

    • Payara Micro, and Microservices

For more information visit:

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