Deploy Friday: E41 Empowering business automation with Quarkus

Business automation is a practice that brings technology-enabled automation of complex business processes and decision management. It allows the usage of well-established standards, adopted by business users, within the best breed of technologies to streamline a business for simplicity.  These kinds of technologies have been used across different industries for more than ten years now: financial and healthcare sectors, airline companies and air traffic control, and many others. With business automation, we can remove the communication barriers that strongly impact software delivery: we build the bridge in between the business and technical teams. On the other hand, in technology, we see the rising popularity of Quarkus. Quarkus is an effective framework for writing Web Applications or Microservices in Java, and it can be applied to both simple and complex use cases. That includes business automation tasks. Our guests from Red Hat will give us insights into the power of applying business automation to your company processes, and share the most recent news on how these technologies allow you to create your own process and decision automation projects. 

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